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Ten Count


Expect more crossovers like this from me because wow it’s so much fun

Also the Iwatobi boys have no idea what they’re even doing 

hamatora boys in suits (〃゚д゚〃)

Yes, Ene wants a grenade.


Haikyuu!! Mini Doujin 

Artista: 花 | いお [pixiv]

Hinata’s far removed from his true potential, but he has rare speed and reflexes and his jump… He didn’t get the chance to play with a setter in junior high, and Kageyama is seeking for a fast spiker who can hit his tosses. Those guys are imperfect on their own, but put their abilities together… if we can utilize that combination… Karasuno will make explosive improvement!" -haikyuu!! ep.2

While they may not be perfect separately, together… If they work as a team, they can bring explosive changes to Karasuno.

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